Drinking Water Treatment

Industry Lead Member Institution Research Lead Project Title
Formarum University of Toronto Amy Bilton Design and optimization of a pico hydro turbine for inline water disinfection systems
UV Pure Technologies Fleming College & Queen’s University Brent Wootton & Hans-Peter Loock Design and validation of third generation UV water purification systems for enhanced treatment of drinking water, reuse and wastewater
SanEcoTec Queen’s University Steven Liss Reducing populations of harmful bacteria by using a silver-stabilized hydrogen peroxide disinfectant as part of a drinking water treatment process
A.U.G. Signals University of Toronto Ronald Hofmann Demonstration of an online photonic sensor to guide treatment changes to minimize disinfection by-products in drinking water
Aclarus Fleming College Brent Wootton Development and optimization of an innovative ozone saturation system applicable to residential, commercial and industrial potable water treatment and clean in place (CIP) applications
Formarum University of Toronto Amy Bilton Development of a Pico-Turbine Energy Harvester for water networks
National Silicates Partnership University of Waterloo Peter Huck Assessment and field demonstration of silicate corrosion inhibitors for the reduction of lead release in drinking water distribution systems

Sensors, Monitoring and Modelling

Industry Lead Member Institution Research Lead Project Title
Environmental Bio-Detection Products Inc. (EBPI) University of Toronto Ronald Hofmann/Robert Andrews A novel toxicity service for water treatment utilities and regulators: In-situ SPE Concentration and Toxicity Assessment System to monitor source water quality, evaluate treatment technologies, and improve water quality in Ontario
MANTECH University of Toronto Robert Andrews Development of an oxidative organic monitoring tool for source and treated drinking waters
Genemis Laboratories University of Waterloo William Anderson Real-time Microbial Monitoring System
Honeywell/ComDev International University of Toronto Elodie Passeport A novel Raman­-based sensor for cost-effective monitoring of nitrate and phosphate in water
Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions Western University & University of Toronto Martha Dagnew & Prasanth B. Nair Dynamic simulator for energy and process optimization in wastewater utilities
Environmental Bio-Detection Products Inc. (EBPI) University of Waterloo Simarjeet Saini Design and construction of portable detectors using fluorescent-based aptasensors for priority contaminant detection in water
Forsee Instruments McMaster University Chang-qing Xu Prototype development and field validation of an in-line E-coli analyzer for drinking water
Echologics University of Waterloo Alex Wong & Kumaraswamy Ponnambalam Applying machine learning classfiers to acoustic leak detection data
Primodal Systems McMaster University Emil Sekerinski Improved High Frequency Water Quality Data Collection: Reliable Real-Time Fault Detection and Data Analysis
Pattern Discovery Technologies University of Waterloo Sriram Narasimhan Development of a novel hydrant based urban water distribution monitoring system
Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions McMaster University Zoe Li Development of an integrated toolkit for predicting influent quality of wastewater treatment plants
Echologics Queen’s University Ian D. Moore Integrating soil properties into wave propagation model for acoustic condition assessment of water-filled metal pipes
Solinst Canada University of Waterloo David Rudolph Enhanced hydrologic data collection, logging and communication for watershed-scale monitoring: The Integrated Watershed Telemetry System (iWT)
CGG Canada Service Ltd. University of Guelph Beth Parker Validation of RESOLVE Airborne Aquifer Imaging Technology for enhanced source-water management and protection
A.U.G. Signals Ryerson University Christopher Wellen Develop and validate a prototype nutrient analyzer for continuous environment water sample analysis and real-time response to water quality variations
Echologics Fleming College Brent Wootton Development of a machine based acoustic device for municipal pipeline condition assessments
Ecoli Sense McMaster University Ishwar K. Puri & Fei Geng Developing a rapid, in-situ, and real-time E. coli detection platform using magnetic bio-inks
Pathogen Detection Systems Queen’s University Stephen Brown & Steven Liss Development of new tests and applications for detecting bacteria in water for use in instruments from TECTA-PDS
CREM University of Waterloo Juewen Liu Development and application of DNA-aptamer-based technology to detect cryptosporidium parvum oocysts in drinking water resources
Nanolytix Fleming College Brent Wootton Development of a real time water quality testing handheld device for pathogen detection in drinking water applications
Quantwave Technologies Fleming College Brent Wootton Integrated Microfluidics and High-frequency Microwave Sensing Real-time Pathogen Detection Device Project for dairy wastewater applications

Wastewater Treatment – Industrial

Industry Lead Member Institution Research Lead Project Title
Forward Water Technologies University of Toronto Vladimiros Papangelakis Validation and optimization of a pilot-scale proprietary Forward Osmosis process for industrial wastewater treatment, recovery and reuse
Stantec Consulting Fleming College Brent Wootton Evaluation and assessment of the ability of an advanced engineered wetland to treat glycol de-icing and anti-icing fluids from airport wastewater streams
ElectroKinetic Solutions Western University Julie Shang Pre-commercial small-scale testing program – ElectroKinetic Reclamation – Dewatering Technology (EKR-DT) of oil sands tailings
Line-X Coatings Western University Paul Charpentier Photocatalytic filter media for treatments of organics in water
PW Custom Fabrications McMaster University Charles-François de Lannoy Electrochemical treatment and recovery of industrial wastewater: materials, process, and application
H2nanO University of Waterloo William Wong Ultraviolet Light Photocatalysis for chemical-free tertiary organics treatment

Wastewater Treatment – Municipal

Industry Lead Member Institution Research Lead Project Title
Bishop Water Technologies Western University George Nakhla Full scale BioCord demonstration project for cold temperature ammonia removal in wastewater treatment lagoon
H2FLow Equipment Fleming College Brent Wootton Pilot installation to optimize performance of the TILT-MBBR-Ultrafiltration, an innovative technology for the treatment of municipal wastewater
GE Water/SUEZ McMaster University Younggy Kim Electrodialysis in wastewater treatment applications
CNEM Corporation University of Guelph Emily Yi Wai Chiang & Rafael M. Santos Water disinfection by metallic alloy foam in continuous flow-through bed
Blue Planet Environmental Fleming College Brent Wootton Development and validation of an advanced wastewater treatment system for on-site residential septic treatment
Waterloo Biofilter Systems McMaster University Herb Schellhorn Application of High Density DNA Sequence Analysis to improve onsite wastewater treatment processes
Bishop Water Technologies Western University Martha Dagnew Optimizing aeration to improve the nutrient- and organics-reducing performance of a BioCord™ fixed-film technology
ElectroKinetic Solutions University of Guelph Bassim Abbassi Pilot-scale Testing of the ElectroKinetic Solutions-Wastewater Technology (EKS-WWT) Using Raw Municipal Wastewater
Walker Environmental Group Fleming College Brent Wootton Evaluation and assessment of an innovative integrated technology for the processing of municipal wastewater biosolids into a Class A fertilizer
IPEX Inc. University of Guelph Sheng Chang Validation and optimization of the energy efficient Vortex Force aeration technology for wastewater treatment

Wastewater Treatment – Resource Recovery and Energy Generation

Industry Lead Member Institution Research Lead Project Title
GE Water/SUEZ University of Guelph & McMaster University Sheng Chang & Younggy Kim Valuation and full-scale demonstration of the Biological Hydrolysis Anaerobic Digestion (BH-AD) and ZeeLung MABR Technologies for energy neutral wastewater treatment
Waterloo Biofilter Systems University of Guelph Susan Glasauer Enabling recovery and reuse of nutrients with Waterloo Biofilter residential septic systems
inCTRL Solutions McMaster University Younggy Kim Development and validation of a model for the thermophilic pre-treatment of biosolids
Savron Solutions Western University Jason Gerhard Scale-up development of STARx systems (smouldering combustion) for the destruction of wastewater biosolids
SusGlobal Energy Fleming College Brent Wootton Development, optimization and validation of an innovative integrated anaerobic thermophilic digester for the treatment of organic waste and septage
RENIX Western University Amarjeet Bassi Phosphorous removal from wastewater secondary effluent by Uninterrupted Ion Exchange (UIX)
ETO Solutions Ryerson University Steven N. Liss Demonstration of aerobic granular sludge formation in continuous-flow systems with CFGU technology
Trojan Technologies Ryerson University Elsayed Elbeshbishy Integration of collection system, primary clarifier and fermenter for biosolids and wastewater quality management and control
GreenField Global Ryerson University Elsayed Elbeshbishy Optimization and evaluation of thermal hydrolysis for full-scale anaerobic digestion

Water Reuse and Management

Industry Lead Member Institution Research Lead Project Title
Greyter Water Systems Fleming College Brent Wootton Development, optimization and validation of an innovative onsite water reuse technology to treat greywater
Trojan Technologies Western University Ajay Ray Pathogen and micropollutant control for water reuse using advanced ultraviolet-based technologies
Civica Infrastructure University of Guelph Ed McBean Optimized inspection and asset management solution for low impact development practices
WCI Environmental Solutions Ryerson University Andrew Laursen & Vadim Bostan Advanced water treatment technology for enhanced oxygen delivery and aerobic processes in flowing waters
Greyter Water Systems Fleming College Brent Wootton Development and full-scale validation of a commercial greywater reuse technology
Interpump Supply Fleming College Brent Wootton Development and validation of a complete greywater treatment system for multi-residential and commercial applications
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