We are pleased to share this series of videos featuring projects supported by the Advancing Water Technologies program. Six company-led projects will be featured, in addition to a compilation Overview video sharing the benefits and successes of AWT.



Greyter Water Systems & Fleming College

Greyter Water Systems teamed up with researchers from Fleming College’s Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT) to refine and successfully validate its Greyter HOME product for grey water reuse, and access new markets.


Trojan Technologies & Ryerson University

Trojan Technologies and Ryerson University talk about the unique OWC London Wastewater Facility and their AWT project advancing leading edge technological innovation in wastewater reuse and wastewater resource recovery.


Pattern Discovery Technologies & University of Waterloo

Pattern Discovery Technologies and researchers from the University of Waterloo joined forces to develop a novel hydrant based urban water distribution monitoring system.


A.U.G. Signals & University of Toronto

A.U.G. Signals collaborated with researchers from the University of Toronto to showcase how an online photonic sensor can help guide treatment changes to minimize disinfection by-products in drinking water.


Bishop Water Technologies & Western University

Bishop Water Technologies and Western University researchers worked together on multiple projects to demonstrate and develop Bishop’s BioCord™ technology which serves to remove nutrients, organics and ammonia in cold temperature wastewater treatment lagoons.

SUEZ, University of Guelph & McMaster University

SUEZ paired up with researchers from the University of Guelph and McMaster University to utilize the OWC Guelph Wastewater Facility for the valuation and full-scale demonstration of the Biological Hydrolysis Anaerobic Digestion (BH-AD) and ZeeLung MABR technologies for energy neutral wastewater treatment.