The SOWC attended the Water Technology Innovation Cluster Leaders Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio hosted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The meeting, which took place from March 24 through 26, provided an opportunity for water cluster leaders from across North America to meet, discuss and share best practices for cluster developments in support of environmental technology innovation.

“The workshop focused on a number of issues related to development, testing and commercialization of new water technologies,” said Brenda Lucas, SOWC Executive Director. “It was great to be able to meet and engage with water cluster leaders from across the U.S. to understand the state of water technology cluster development and highlight what’s happening in Ontario in the water sector, including what the SOWC is doing to help grow the sector in the province.”

The invite-only workshop included a forum on testing and validation of water technologies, discussions on how to set up test facilities, finance testing programs, and sharing testing resources. Water TAP CEO Brian Mergelas provided remarks about Ontario’s progress in developing a water technology cluster. Further, the event included a networking dinner and an optional tour of EPA’s Test and Evaluation Facility, which conducts experimental research on new water and hazardous waste treatment technologies.

“It was very constructive to attend and learn about the work other water cluster organizations are undertaking,” said Lucas. “In terms of building a strong water consortium for both industry and researchers in Ontario, it was very interesting to hear about the successes and challenges faced by our counterparts across the continent.”

To read a concise summary of the workshop, please view Dr. Donna Vincent Roa’s ‘Speaking up About Water’ blog by clicking here. To learn more about the U.S. EPA and obtain information on their research, visit