The WaterTAP Board of Directors has announced Dr. Brian Mergelas, PhD as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WaterTAP.

Since being established, WaterTAP has engaged in extensive consultations with key stakeholders, building from the initial direction set by the Water Opportunities Act, 2010. We have also established policies and procedures that represent the highest level of governance standards consistent with Government of Ontario guidelines and imperatives. As WaterTAP continues to evolve, the proven leadership ability of Dr. Mergelas will be critical in navigating through a rapidly changing global environment that will require proactive and strategic planning to position Ontario as a global centre of excellence in the water sector which creates high-value jobs and a robust export environment.

In his new role as CEO, Dr. Mergelas offers a proven entrepreneurial record and a wealth of expertise in strategy development, operational leadership, financial and relationship management that will help to ensure the success of the WaterTAP mandate.

Dr. Mergelas brings 20 years of water industry experience to the role, having successfully commercialized a thesis project into a global multi-million dollar business. As the founding President and CEO of the Pressure Pipe Inspection Company (PPIC), Dr. Mergelas has been a driving force in the advancement of innovative technologies for the water and wastewater industry. Dr. Mergelas received his PhD in Physics from Queen’s University and has published over 50 papers in academic and industry journals throughout his career.