April 2015 Weather Facts

April showers was certainly the theme for the Waterloo Region this month with above average precipitation falling down. Average temperature finally rose above 0 °C for the first time this year!

Was the average temperature. The median temperature was slightly cooler at 4.74 °C.
The average monthly precipitation recorded from 7 rain gauges. 115.82 mm and 59.2 mm were the maximum and minimum monthly precipitation values recorded at station 7 and 3, respectively.
The average relative humidity. 98.12 % was the average humidity during a 36-hour period beginning April 8th at 7:30 am.
Amount of total monthly rain fall that fell in a 15 minute intense rainfall period.
Was the maximum solar intensity recorded.
More precipitation than the average of 68.0 mm for the Waterloo Region in the month of April.