MITACS Elevate (Postdoctoral Fellows)


Intent to Apply Deadline: April 23, 2015
Duration: 2 Years
Value: $50,000 (stipend) + $7,500 (research costs) Industry matching contribution is required

This is a training program for postdoctoral fellows, in which participants lead and undertake an industrially relevant research project. During this time, fellows receive experiential training in R&D directly through their industry-academic research collaboration and leadership training and business acumen through the program’s training curriculum.

Program benefits

  • Company participation in Mitacs Elevate is affordable and offers companies a low-risk, longer term means to access university-based expertise while evaluating a potential employee
  • Collaborations through Mitacs Elevate also allow companies to access equipment, lab spaces and other university resources that may otherwise be unattainable within existing budgets
  • For every $1 of a partner organization’s $25,000 contribution, Mitacs provides $1.30 in matching funds for a total research grant of $57,500 per year. This includes support for fellows and up to $7,500 in research costs for equipment, additional research personnel, conference travel and publishing costs
  • All Mitacs Elevate awards are administered by universities rather than companies, so that head counts are not affected and employee benefit contributions are not mandatory for a company’s participation
  • Partner organizations are not required to provide financial statements with the application and companies of all sizes and in all industry sectors are eligible to apply

Please note that fellows applying from certain universities will require a contribution of $20,000 per year from their academic supervisor or university in order to participate in the program.

For complete program details, visit:

Request for Proposals: Predicting RO Removal of Toxicologically Relevant Unique Organics

WateReuse Foundation

Deadline: April 21, 2015
Value: $225,000 (Matching funds required)
Duration: 18-24 months

Project Objective

Predict removal efficiency of compounds identified by state or federal regulatory agencies of potential public health concern by reverse osmosis (RO), and predict removal of compounds that may be precursors of disinfection byproducts (DBPs) of potential health concern.

This project is sponsored by the WateReuse Research Foundation’s California Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) Initiative as part of the WateReuse Research Foundation’s Solicited Research Program.

For complete information on this RFP, visit:

National Ground Water Research Fund

National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation (NGWREF)

Deadline: Applications are accepted between April 1 and June 30 each year.
Value: Up to $25,000 is available

The National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation funds leading-edge programming that stimulates new knowledge, information, programs, and products to advance groundwater science and technology. In turn, this will enhance the future effectiveness of the groundwater professions and will maximize groundwater’s benefit to society.

Eligible Disciplines: The NGWREF supports research in all disciplines so long as the research relates directly to the use, protection, management, or remediation of groundwater, or to water well technology.

Research Areas:
For a complete description of these areas, including examples, please visit the NGWREF website

  • Ground water sustainability
  • Public concerns about ground water quality

For complete details, please visit:

Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

Deadline: Applications are accepted throughout the year. Evaluation turnaround time is approximately two months.
Scholarship Value: $15,000 per year from NSERC for full-time awards (half of that amount for part-time) and a minimum of $6,000 per year is required from the company (half of that amount for part-time). Must agree that 20% of the student’s time will be spent at the facilities (50 days in a year)


IPS provide financial support for highly qualified science and engineering graduates. The support allows them to gain research experience in industry while undertaking advanced studies in Canada. These scholarships are aimed at encouraging scholars to consider research careers in industry where they will be able to contribute to strengthening Canadian innovation.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The university must ensure that eligibility criteria and standards of excellence are satisfied
  • The university’s Graduate Studies Office coordinates all of NSERC’s industrial postgraduate scholarship applications and sends the nomination documents to NSERC
  • NSERC reviews nominations and decides which applicants will receive scholarships. The award is made for a specific research proposal involving a student, a faculty supervisor and a sponsoring organization. The ideal project is one that matches the interests of the faculty member, the needs of the sponsoring organization and the student’s skills
  • A university faculty member and a researcher from the sponsoring organization will jointly supervise the project
  • The scholarship will be administered by the university

Scholarship Duration

IPS 1 – Master’s level: Support is for a minimum of 12 months (in exceptional circumstances only) up to a maximum of 24 months and must be held during the first three years of graduate study.

IPS 2 – Doctoral level: Support is for either 24 or 36 months and must be held during the first four years of doctoral-level studies

For complete program and eligibility information, please visit:

In addition to the above funding programs, the following is an ongoing opportunity


MITACS Accelerate Internships – Standard

Mitacs-Accelerate is Canada’s premiere research internship program. It connects companies with over 50 research-based universities through graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, who apply their specialized expertise to business research challenges. Interns transfer their skills from theory to real-world application, while the companies gain a competitive advantage by accessing high-quality research expertise.

MITACS Accelerate Clusters

Mitacs-Accelerate clusters are an alternative for larger research projects involving multiple Graduate students and/or Post-doctoral Fellows. Applicants may apply once for an Accelerate Cluster involving a minimum of three interns, at least six 4-month internship segments, and a minimum of one industrial partner.

For more information, please contact Anna Ziolecki or visit the MITACS website.