Facilities and monitoring are located in the subwatersheds of Hopewell Creek (Grand River Watershed, relatively pristine), Alder Creek (Grand River Watershed, urbanizing), and Mimico Creek (Greater Toronto Area, very urban), as well as along the Grand River itself. New infrastructure expands existing monitoring networks with increased tracking of groundwater and surface water interaction phenomena, enhanced biogeochemical analysis capabilities, and smart monitoring systems that respond to environmental triggers. Monitoring stations can be used to evaluate sensitive municipal water withdrawals, agricultural land management, expanding urban development, and overall dynamics in these watersheds.

The Grand River Conservation Authority can also make available to SOWC users nine water quality monitoring stations and 44 water level gauge stations for the placement of water quality and quantity monitoring devices. At the water quality monitoring stations, water is pumped from an intake pipe to an internal tank for monitoring and then discharged. The stations are heated in the winter, contain 120 AC power, have controlled access and are currently in use for monitoring temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity and dissolved oxygen. Stations are located throughout the Grand River watershed.