The Water Technology Acceleration Project – WaterTAP – was established to help Ontario-based water industry entrepreneurs and emerging water technology businesses grow to become successful global competitors. WaterTAP is now calling for nominations for Board of Directors – those who want to further Ontario’s water sector success.

The Nominating and Governance Committee of the Water Technology Acceleration Project (WaterTAP) is calling for nominations of candidates for the Board of Directors. There are up to four (4) vacancies to be filled at the present time. All Directors will be elected for a two (2) year term (2014 – 2016).

The WaterTAP Mission

  • CONNECTING early commercial-stage Ontario companies with the resources they need to successfully commercialize their water technologies
  • CELEBRATING AND SHARING the successes of Ontario water utilities that are finding innovative and sustainable solutions
  • ADVOCATING with provincial and municipal governments to foster innovation-friendly water management policies
  • INTRODUCING water entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors worldwide to the Ontario water community

What We Need

WaterTAP is seeking volunteers who represent the industry and can bring a broad range of perspectives from across Ontario; these individuals will demonstrate excellence in their field of expertise and bring a mix of leadership skills and the entrepreneurial vision critical to fulfilling the mandate of the organization. Emphasis will be on recruitment of candidates who have the time and experience to make a significant impact on the long‐term performance of WaterTAP.

The persons selected to serve must reflect the true face of Ontario in terms of diversity and regional representation. We are looking for people who are committed to the principles and values of public service and who will perform their duties with integrity.

The Nominating & Governance Committee has reviewed the requirements as established in the Water Opportunities Act, 2010 as well as the current Board composition and has determined the following skills will be required for the 2014‐2016 term:

  • Industry knowledge and experience in municipal water/wastewater technical and/or senior management experience, with an understanding of issues and trends affecting this sector
  • Consulting sector experience and more specifically someone who has operated in a consulting role on the international stage, including engineering consultancy
  • Senior public sector experience at the municipal level with direct water/wastewater experience and a solid understanding of the provincial water sector regulatory framework, legislation & policies; knowledge and understanding of provincial government decision making and accountability mechanisms
  • Board and board governance experience with an understanding of the director’s role, fiduciary duties and the role of the board; be willing to sign annual conflict of interest and confidentiality agreement and agree to adhere to WaterTAP’s corporate polices and guidelines
  • Private sector experience in developing and marketing water and wastewater technologies or services, or raising capital for or financing the development of the water and wastewater technology sector
  • An entrepreneur who owns or manages an innovative small business in Ontario’s clean-technology sector and has experience in bringing technology and innovation to market and/or in developing or commercializing new/innovative technology

The following additional criteria and attributes will also be considered

  • Professional qualifications
  • Ability to think strategically and communicate effectively
  • Credible with a strong reputation that inspires respect
  • Able to recognize and manage potential conflicts of interest
  • Diversity (e.g. languages spoken, geographic representation etc.)

Time Commitment

  • 6 – 8 Board meetings per year (in person)
  • 1‐- 2 teleconference Board meetings; and
  • minimum participation on 1 Board committee

Selection Process

  • All Nominees must submit the signed Application Form attached to Nominees also have the option to include their CVs with the application
  • Closing date for applications is May 12, 2014
  • The Nominating Committee will contact selected Nominees to arrange an interview
  • A slate of candidates will be prepared for the Board’s consideration
  • All Nominees will be informed about the outcome of the selection process