Real-time weather & water data facts from SOWC instrumentation

SOWC has 7 weather stations and 5 water quality stations deployed throughout the Alder Creek watershed. These stations are monitoring various weather and water quality parameters such as temperature, precipitation, wind speed, humidity, solar radiation, pH, conductivity, suspended solids & turbidity. This provides an unparalleled level of detail for watershed monitoring which supports the development of new products and technologies in the water sector as well as academic research.

Did you know that…

From record breaking hot & cold streaks to wet and dry spells, SOWC collects a great deal of weather & water data. Every month we take the most interesting aspects of the weather across the Waterloo Region and present it in a friendly format!

Total number of monitoring stations deployed by SOWC throughout the Kitchener-Waterloo region.
Individual sensors collecting real-time weather information in intervals as little as every 5 seconds.
Measurements collected every single month from 57 sensors across 7 weather stations.

2016 Weather Facts